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Journey 2013: Gratitude

I'm catching up on Grey's Anatomy right now, despite being home on Thursday night*. I'd planned on madly cleaning the house and baking in advance of a NerdFamily deluge. The phone has been ringing every night with calls from the College Alumni Phoneathon, which I ignore because, hello, I give faithfully every May. This time I checked when the phone rang; the number was Metropolan, and vaguely familiar. I muted Dr. Torres and took the call.

It was my Torah teacher, a pillar of the Old-Line part of the Old Line Urban Shul. We're both on...shall we call it a committee?...which is currently wrestling with an interesting coincidence of events. (Wait, you probably know about this. We need a new rabbi and American Judaism needs a new direction.**) She wanted to know where I stood on a particular issue, and we had an interesting discussion for about fifteen minutes. Throughout the discussion, you could hear both of us selecting our language carefully, trying to get at just what we found uncomfortable and what we found absolutely objectionable. Our answers weren't the same (though there was overlap) and I think we both came away understanding the situation a little better; we both have a better sense about what parts of our reactions are about our community, and what parts are about ourselves.

"Thank you for calling," I said as we hung up. And then it hit me how much I meant it.

I know I was likely part of a poll and possibly was hoped to offer a little partisanship; I'm not sure I'll like the mixed reactions I'll get to the stand I will likely take (I'll be allied more closely with the likes of Torah Teacher than my generational cohort...otherwise known as the Smug Married Parents). I'm not sure I'll handle it well. But I'll also know that there are people who reach out to me as a member of a community, of this community that I do care about, and who think I might know something about this community and have something to give to it. I'm grateful that someone took a moment to make that clear, whatever other motives came with it.

We live in interesting times at the OLUS, and I'm thankful to be part of what's making it interesting. I mean...yeah, I'm part of it. Some of it. In my own odd little way.

*Um, I really don't understand the clothing changes/timeline in this episode. This is why I don't look at the teevee while I watch it.

**I need to blog about this piece, which I kind of want to share on Facebook except I don't have the access to moderate a discussion if it happens and I can't deal with the part where no one else will care enough to comment if one doesn't. Someone remind me

This is part 11 of the 2013 Blogalong, hosted by my friend SunflowerAKB.
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