The MathNerd (mathnerd314) wrote,
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In which I whine about a different TV show

(Yeah. So, somehow I got distracted by...some other stuff. Which I will try to write about soon, assuming it works out. Trust me, v distracting. Oh! And also a great deal of risk taking is involved, in both an actuarial and an emotional sense.)

Dear Grey's Anatomy,
I don't know if I'm strong enough to shake hands and walk away*, but we really need to break up.

It's not that I'm attached to Cristina Yang. It's not that I'm still confused by the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure episode a few weeks ago (was I on crack for that?). It's no that I'm disgusted by the disrupted wedding or bored by Mumsy Meredith or find none of the interns/residents/whatever-they-are to be even vaguely likable and/or attractive.

It's the five seconds of excellent class conflict that you could be exploring with April and Jackson, that you have to turn into some weird-ass g-dless heathens versus the Bible Bangers drama.

It shouldn't kill me this much, because it's a stupid past-its-prime TV show dealing with the fallout of a totally unbelievable plot twist. It's not really about the number of brilliant scientists of deep religious faith who I know and admire and respect, or the number of brilliant scientists who have none of that faith or a simpler version of that faith. It's not the part where seriously, a hospital called Seattle fucking GRACE is totally at some level a faith-related institution, so I really don't get how there is exactly one Christian in the entire place.

It is entirely because, once again, a show about educated people totally assumes that the only normative and accepted lifestyle is an upper-middle-class standard where physical labor is outsourced, small expenditures are not tabulated, and the money just magically works. And while I will concede that apparently is normal and I am apparently ass-backward, I will never get it and I cannot get past how April not getting it is worth one five second exchange where she is told to revel in her shame with leftover lasagna, and we are all supposed to recognize her shaming and pity her for the shaming and her simple farm upbringing, rather than respect her for not piddling away someone else's trust fund.

Also, leftover lasagna is fucking delicious and should not be associated with shame. And this is why I need to start reviewing Roseanne.
love, me.

*Yeah, so I'm a week behind in my Big Bang Theory. I have a life and that's going downhill, too.
**Big Bang is going downhill. Not my life, at least not yet.

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