The MathNerd (mathnerd314) wrote,
The MathNerd

I think this much is true

I'm not particularly motivated by money. I mean, it's nice having some (for things like the completely gratuitous cab ride home from last night's HipHood party), but it's not a great way to assure my loyalty or determination. (Fact: The New Ringleader is actively and openly encouraging gratuitous raises and promotions, purely and openly out of fear that more of The Band will leave. Fact: I am the only member of The Band who did/would not have to take a pay cut to work at The Hospital. Fact: frugality buys you freedom. )

I'm not particularly motivated or impressed by status, thought I try to understand where I fit in any particular structure and I certainly expect to be recognized for what I do. (Fact: I am a little bitter at how the systems of Big Insurance had me a bit screwed.)

One of the members of The Band once asked me what did motivate me, professionally, if money wasn't a strong inducement. It took me a minute to describe it in big-girl words. "Earned respect. Loyalty. Opportunities to learn."

Fact: I am a sucker. It's just that I'm just a sucker for weird things.
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