The MathNerd (mathnerd314) wrote,
The MathNerd

Things I want to do in 2016

I think I'm only doing this since last year's list was so from reality. But, what the heck. Definitely not resolutions. Not really goals. Just stuff I don't want to get lost in the pursuit of other stuff.
1. Host Chemgal again, or visit her (or both)
2. Crochet a tallis or a table-runner (depending on whether I'm ready to wear a tallis...).
3. Perfect my giardiniera recipe
4. Take an improv class at the comedy theater Around! The! Corner!
5. See more plays, hear more live music
6. Find a yoga class, at least once in a while
7. Find people to run with (Literally)
8. Keep adding to the people I run with (Figuratively)
9. Make it through the full scroll on Tippling Through The Torah
10. Visit Muse and the BoM and the New Girl
11. Write a SAS paper

For giggles, an update on last year's list:
1. Set up the guestroom, including buying a rolltop desk if I can find the right one. (Yeah. No. I bought an air conditioner. That's it.)
2. Hang up the gallery wall (Nope. But have some new ideas for that.)
3. Read a little Megillat Esther again. Maybe the same portion, maybe different. (I did, one verse in the community production.)
4. Crochet a rug for the sunroom. (nope. But I did crochet a kippah on a steel hook. And lots of other things, but the kippah was on the skills to learn list.)
5. Consider learning all of the Torah readings for Hanukkah (only applies if all 8 are as alike as the 4th, 5th, and 6th appear to be--I read the 4th this year and realized I could sightread the next two from the chumash). (Hahahahaha. I did read the new moon aliyah during Hanukkah, and I hope to get to do this for many Rosh Chodeshim to come.)
6. Achieve some of the goals I have for my new leadership role (there's no way to do everything that needs to be done, which luckily everyone realizes) (some of them.)
7. PR in My Favorite Race (Nope. Mostly due to training lapses with the unexpected Shul Drama in First Months of New Job. But the first two miles of deluge didn't help.)
8. Re-learn how to turn while swimming laps, in pursuit of actually swimming laps (forgot this was a goal, even as I tried to relearn for the failed attempt at signing up for a triathlon)
9. Take a solo trip, no matter how short (Detroit? Memphis? Nashville? Austin?) (Whoops. Must re-start in 2016.)
10. Try new challah recipes (Vegan challah is now neighborhood canon.)
11. Experiment with lacework (I'm actually good at this!)
12. Keep on picklin' (And how.)
Of course I also started a booze blog, basically joined a start-up, got back in the conference game....

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